Truffle - NEFAG Zrt.



Truffle, the ’gold’ of Jászság region

NEFAG Nagykunsági Erdészeti és Faipari Zrt. (Forestry and Wood-industry of Nagykunság Ltd. is a company having 65 years past. It is a 100% state-owned forestry shareholder group managing the state-owned forests based on a trusteeship for an indeterminate time contract which makes sure the conditions of long-term maintainable forestry including the management of forest products as well, like truffle. The oak forests being on carbon and alkaline soil of Jászság managed by NEFAG Zrt. are the basic deposits of truffle and maybe the best collecting places for summer truffle in Central-Europe. Collecting truffle is living its revival in Hungary and more and more collectors go to he forests hoping for the finding of this very valuable mushroom and they are many times without control causing damages.

It is to be feared that because of the intensive mushroom collection the exceptional places get messed up even if all the written and non-written rules of truffle collection are complied. The collection of mushrooms has been ruled by a legal and ministry decree since 2013. NEFAG Zrt. rules the collection on its fields and the company itself also manages the truffle assets with the help of expert collectors. The company has been able to assure the areas’ asset protection from ecologic and economic point of view by nowadays during a long and consistent work and activities needing a serious investment.

Due to the regulation only the collectors having the certified permission can collect truffles and they can take the mushroom with them only with the origin certificate filled in by a representative of NEFAG. The company’s own mushroom collection and distribution department assures to supply the users with mushroom besides the most careful and appropriate collection process which is also the best from professional and environment protection point of views as well.

Collection and production with the best proficience


According to the legal rules the company’s mandatory collectors – who possess the necessary professional exam and the special certified collector dogs – do the collection of truffles on the basis of the collection permission.

They do it in the collection period with a special tool made for this purpose by using the growing area to the smallest extent damage. Of course only the proper quality and size mushrooms are taken from the ’mushroom circles’ found by dogs. The so-called ’mushroom nest’ is then covered after the excavation and eversion.

After the collection there are the selection and the classification when the mushrooms are selected into different classes based on different point of views. The classification to first, second and mixed classes is according to the weight, size, smell and the mechanical or other injuries of the mushrooms.